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Your Photographer

     Hello!  My name is Laura Egan and I can't wait to meet you!  I have been shooting boudoir for three years and operating my partner brand (Whine & Cheese Photography) for five years.  I love channeling my creativity to build a unique session, which is why I've always been so drawn to one-on-one sessions like newborn and boudoir work.  The slow pace and relaxed atmosphere speaks to my soul.  

      On a personal level, I love traveling and binge watching dramedies.  My two boys keep me super busy and we love exploring new places together.  They're smart, funny, and reptile obsessed.  We have three tortoises at home!  We've been a homeschool family since before it was cool, and we all love crafting.  My husband is a woodworker in his free time, when he's not traveling for work.

      I love hearing about your hobbies and lives, so please feel free to talk my ear off during your session.  It brings me joy to see clients become friends and come back to see me year after year.  Welcome to my photography family!


Have you seen our partner brand?  Check out the website below

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