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Couples sessions are a bit more raw than individuals.  We follow the same basic process, but hair and makeup are not provided.  We wouldn't want to have your partner sitting around bored!  You'll show up and ease in to a steamy session celebrating your connection.  We'll do some focused individual shots as well for each other to keep!  Mostly, we aim to capture authentic moments you share.

After a break for lunch, you will be able to review your photos together and select your favorites.  It is helpful to have discussed beforehand what your intentions are with the final product, mainly what areas you may wish wall art to be displayed or if your primary goal is to create a sensual album together.  You'll go home fired up and excited to receive your final products in a few short weeks!

couple boudoir intimate

*LEB is open and accepting of all sexual orientations and gender identities; any consenting adults are welcome to participate.

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