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Intimate Portraits

     People (any gender welcome!) plan boudoir sessions for a huge variety of reasons, and I'd love to chat about your goals.  Anniversary? Birthday gift?  Celebrating how amazing you are?  We can tailor your session perfectly to fit your plans!  Step one is a quick phone or zoom consultation to chat.

      Our home studio has two rooms with different looks, multiple furniture options, a wide variety of different blanket colors and textures, and even a clawfoot tub/shower option to utilize.  We can maximize our time by capturing a huge variety of looks at once.  We don't limit the number of outfits you are able to bring, and we encourage different styles to mix things up!  We are happy to hold your session in your own home or a hotel/air BnB location, if you prefer.

     Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, sexy, and confident.  We want to make the day about celebrating YOU and embracing everything that makes you so perfectly imperfect.  We will edit blemishes and smooth any imperfections as requested, but our motto is that you are already wonderful as you are!  For a deeper look at the process during the day, click on "the experience".  Slide through this gallery to see what a typical full session might entail, and check out more gorgeous boudoir images below.

"Accountant " work

     As the world changes, so must we!  The pandemic has led to a massive change in how certain industries operate, and in some cases you just need a new way to pay the bills.  This is a judgement free zone.  Our accountant special is a minimalist session, with no hair and makeup provided.  We will do a series of different outfits to generate content to last several months, or more.  High quality content can make a huge difference in subscriptions, and we can help!  Send us a message to go over the details.

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